Thursday, April 25, 2013

An Adventurous Spring

Before I begin this edition of "Deep Creek Talk" I want to say that our hearts, thoughts, and prayers continue to go out the city of Boston and those affected by the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon. There are countless fundraising efforts happening around the country to support the victims and their families. 

If you are interested in supporting these efforts check out the image below for information about an opportunity happening right here in Deep Creek:

Deep Creek Lake is often referred to as a Four Seasons Resort. It's true that all of the four seasons are represented in a bold and beautiful way here in Mountain Maryland. However if there is one season that invokes joy in the emotions of locals and visitors alike it would have to be Spring. Winter is our longest season and as February becomes March and the threat of even more snow is still looming we all tend to get a little antsy, even angry, with the seemingly unending cold. And then, almost over night, Winter becomes Spring. There is a noticeable change in the air, not just literally, but also figuratively, among our residence. People are chipper and excited to get outside and re-fuel the vitamin D. There is a... Spring in everyone's step! We look forward to so much adventure including, but not limited to: fishing, biking, kayaking, and soon (not soon enough) getting the boats in the water and enjoying our breathtaking name-sake, Deep Creek Lake.

Garrett County is home to many bodies of water other than Deep Creek Lake. There are lots of rivers and streams that become ripe with fisherman this time of year. Broadford Lake, the Casselman River, the Potomac River, the Youghiogheny River (known typically as the Yough), Bear Creek Hatchery, and Swallow Falls are just a few of the great fishing destinations in the area. Many of these areas are stocked with trout and other types of fish in anticipation for a fishing season. For more information about fishing in Garrett County and surrounding areas visit: 

The rolling hills, trails, and hundreds of miles of road way make Garrett County a premier spot for bike riding. There are nearly 30 designated bike trails in the area and more are being cleared for passage all the time. One local organization leading the charge to build more trails is Garrett Trails. You can find out more about their efforts, and get information about volunteering at Trails are abundant and mountain biking is a great way to exercise and enjoy some scenic beauty at the same time, but Deep Creek is also a great place for road biking. The 219 roadway is riddled with "Share the Road" caution signs, letting drivers know to be extra cautious and keep and eye out for bikers. Don't have a bike to bring to Deep Creek? No problem. High Mountain Sports and Wisp resort are among area businesses that provide bike rentals. Visit or for more info about bike rentals.

Kayaking is a special type of adventure offered at Deep Creek Lake and it's surrounding areas. Many of the same rivers where fishing is so abundant also provide some of the areas best white water kayaking and rafting. In addition to many companies that provides river tours and instruction Deep Creek Lake is home to the Adventure Sports Center International. ASCI (as it's known in short) is one of only 2 man made white water rafting courses in the country. The water can be raised and lowered and the rapids can be controlled and changed several times a day. This is an incredible feature that makes the adventure and excitement of rafting more accessible to all age groups and levels of experience. For more information about ASCI and other white water opportunities visit:

If you're looking for adventure then Garrett County Maryland is where you want to be. Whether your interested in buying, selling, or just visiting let us help you out. Visit: 
We'll see you soon in Deep Creek!