Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Places and Faces

Our Broker/Owner Patrick Kane must have made a New Year’s Resolution to update more than just the lobby here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty.
Quite a few of our staff members have transitioned into 2013 with new positions and CBDCR has welcomed some new faces around the office.

            At the top of the list we find the man himself: Mr. Patrick Kane. Pat has been a part of CBDCR since 2006 when he bought in as an Associate Broker and part owner along with Ruth Seib and Scott Johnson. Later Scott retired leaving Pat and Ruth holding the company’s ownership. Last year Ruth also decided it was time for a change of pace and stepped down as broker, selling the remaining shares of the company to Kane. We congratulate her on her retirement from management, and we are very glad she has decided to stay on with us as an agent and associate broker. We sure hope she is enjoying her warm, sunny Florida winter!

Several of our other staff members have also transitioned into new or
additional positions and responsibilities this New Year.

Stacy Bowser has been with CBDCR since 2003 and will celebrate her ten year anniversary with the company next month! Stacy was originally hired as our receptionist but has since held many titles since then including Assistant Vacation Rental Manager, Book Keeper, and Property Manager. In January she found herself in another new office with another new title. She is now our Director of Operations. As the Director of Operations Stacy will oversee the day to day among the office and rental staff. Although Stacy has acquired a new title that does not mean she has shed her old ones, she remains the Book Keeper and also continues to manage some of our properties including: Town View Village in Accident, Maryland, Vista Ridge, and Sundown Chase.

            In February Kristy Hook began work taking over some of Stacy’s Property Management duties. Kristy has been a member of the staff at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty as a Vacation Specialist since 2008. While Kristy begins her transition into Property Management she will continue to work as a Vacation Specialist in our Rental Department. Currently Kristy is responsible for Deep Creek Highlands and Highline and will add Vista Ridge and Sundown Chase to her work load later in the year.

            Diane Frey has also added to her title and duties around the office. She has been serving as our Receptionist since August of 2012. This year she will also tackle the role of Office Administrator. Her duties as such include providing support and assistance to Pat Kane and other members of the staff, to post new and updated listings for our Real Estate Sales Force, and to keep the office flowing by making sure everyone has the supplies they need. Diane has been busy lately updating and ordering everyone’s new business cards.
The new faces around the office include Tabitha Robinson and Terah Crawford.

Tabitha is filling the position of Weekend Receptionist. She in addition to receptionist’s duties she will also be taking reservations on Saturdays and Sundays. Diane especially welcomes Tabitha with open arms, apparently she does not want to work 7 days a week… Strange, isn’t it?

Terah has come on as our Marketing Director. She comes to us from Will O’ the Wisp where she served as the Dining Room and Lounge Manager. Her duties as Marketing Director at CBDCR include maintaining our web presence on social media and review sites, our blog, newsletters, and our main website. She will gather and provide market trends and research and work towards adding more homes to our rental properties list. One of her first projects is to build an affinity program with local businesses to work with our owners on providing updates, large or small, to their vacation rental homes. As she grows into the position it will expand to include any tasks that will generate interest, return guests, and revenue for both the Vacation Rentals and the Real Estate Sales here at CBDCR.

Nothing is more exciting than a fresh, new start.
That is what this year is all about for us here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty.
Stop by anytime to see our hard work in action!