Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Celebrate the New Year on Deep Creek Lake!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is behind us and that all of the presents are unwrapped and holiday decorations will soon be put away.  It’s been a wonderful holiday season here on Deep Creek Lake with many fun events and ways to soak in the spirit of Christmas!

With the New Year quickly approaching, you may find yourself hosting the last big party of the year in your Deep Creek Lake home.  New Year’s Eve can be a fun time to gather one last time with loved ones who’ve come to visit over the holidays, or to enjoy time with friends and neighbors you’ve come to know while living or vacationing on Deep Creek Lake.

Hosting a New Years’ Eve party or dinner can be a fun way to end the year, but can also be overwhelming if you’re trying to get everything ready after just finishing up the holiday festivities.  Here are just a few ways to quickly prepare your home for your New Years’ Eve guests, create a welcoming environment and to make it a great evening for everyone!

1. Focus on First Impressions- Make sure the front of your home is just as inviting as the interior.  Create a well defined walkway for guests. Make the entrance welcoming by sweeping off the front porch, adding a touch of holiday color with garland or potted plants, and making sure it’s well lit at night.
2. Create Guest Space- Before guests arrive, clear out space in your coat closet for guests coats and have a mat for shoes.  If loved ones are staying with you in your home, prepare the bedrooms and guests bathrooms so that you can enjoy time with friends and family instead of rushing to get things ready.
3. Be Superficial- If you’re hosting guests for an evening, don’t worry about cleaning every nook and cranny of your home.  Quickly wipe down the guest bathroom, vacuum or sweep the main areas and don’t worry about the rest that guests won’t see!
4. Cool Off- An hour or so before guests arrive, be sure to turn down the thermostat.  With more people in a room and the oven or stove on; things can quickly heat up and you don’t want anyone to overheat.
5. Safely Light Up- Candles are a great way to add a cozy appeal to your home through the sight of flickering flames and holiday scents.  Be sure to keep an eye on the candles throughout the evening and put them in a place where children can’t reach them or they can’t be knocked over.
If you are planning on hosting a New Years’ Eve Party in your Deep Creek Lake home, we hope these tips give you a few ideas for added success!  You may also be wondering what you can do to start the new year off right.  Why not enjoy the annual First Day Hike at Deep Creek State Park?  Here are a few details.
First Day Hike at Deep Creek State Park
January 1 from 2-4pm
- Take part in a Ranger-guided hike around the lake on the first day of the new year! You’ll learn fun facts about how winter conditions affect our lake, along with information on surface ice. Depending on weather conditions, you many want to bring snowshoes or ice cleats. Duration of walk depends on the weather. Dress for the day’s conditions and Meet at the Discovery Center at 2 pm.

As a team of Deep Creek Real Estate agents here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, we hope you have enjoyed this past year on Deep Creek Lake whether you live here all year long or love to get a way on vacation to our shores. 

We hope you have had a great holiday season and have a Happy New Year!  We look forward to serving all of your Deep Creek Real Estate needs in 2013! 

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Events You Don't Want to Miss on Deep Creek Lake!

The anticipation of Christmas is quickly growing as we find ourselves just a week away from this festive holiday!  If you live on Deep Creek throughout the year, you may be anticipating hosting guests in your Deep Creek Lake home.  Or, you may be visiting loved ones or enjoying your vacation home on Deep Creek Lake for the holiday season.  Either way, as Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, we’re glad you’re here!

For some of you the last week before Christmas may include finding those last minute gifts or you may be completely prepared for the holiday and looking for a way to get out and enjoy the Deep Creek Lake community.  Whatever you choose to do to celebrate or get prepared for the holiday, we hope you’ll consider the following local events!  Take a look!

Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration
Bear Claw Adventure Park, Wisp Resort
Friday, December 21, 2012 from 6-8pm

- Join your favorite holiday characters and celebrate the third annual Wisp Resort Tree Lighting Celebrations. Warm yourself by the bonfire, roast the perfect marshmallow or warm up with a hot cocoa while you ice skate, snow tube or mountain coaster the night away!  Don’t miss out on this festive Christmas event!  View more information on the Wisp Resort website
12 Days of Local Artists
Cobblestone Hair Studio & Gift Shop
2778 Deep Creek Drive, McHenry
Now through December 24
- If you’re looking for unique Christmas gifts and a way to support local artists in McHenry, you won’t want to miss Cobblestone’s 12 Days of Local Artists event!  From now until December 24, they will feature one or two of the local artists in their gift shoppe.  If you make a purchase, you will be eligible to receive a 20% discount on any one item in the gift shoppe (not including consigned items).  If you miss a day that features a particular artist, don’t worry! The last day, December 24 we will feature all of the artists all day.  You’ll be able to view art in various forms such as photographs, prints, paintings, gift cards, hand knit items hand carved wood products, hand made jewelry and pottery all from local artisans plus much more!  For more information and to view the upcoming artists, please visit the Cobblestone website

From all of us here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, we hope your holidays are merry and bright!  If you find yourself dreaming of a white Christmas on Deep Creek Lake, but don’t currently own a Deep Creek Lake home; please contact us!  We would be happy to walk with you through the home buying process to help ensure you can enjoy the holidays on Deep Creek Lake for years to come!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Create Beautiful Curb Appeal for your Deep Creek Lake Home this Winter!

Now that the holidays are in full swing on Deep Creek Lake, we’re beginning to feel the chill of winter settling in.  While we’ve had a mild holiday season so far, the snowflakes we saw this morning could be a good indication of what's around the corner!

The winter season is always a fun time of year here on Deep Creek Lake with endless activities to enjoy.  If you live in your home on Deep Creek Lake year round, or you’re planning on being here for Christmas; chances are you’ll be spending time with friends and family in your home.  

But, before you settle in to your cozy nights by the fire telling memories of Christmas past or prior to hosting the loved ones on Christmas day, you’ll want to be sure to make your home as appealing as possible!  Here are a few tips we, here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, gathered to make sure you don’t forget your homes’ exterior this holiday season!  

1. Safety- You may have friends and family planning to visit soon, so you’ll want to put safety first! Be sure your driveway, sidewalk and front porch are cleared of debris or any snow. It’s always better to be on the cautious side and put down salt, as even rain can freeze and make walking up to your home dangerous.

2. A Neat Lawn- Whether there is snow covering your lawn or not; be sure to keep your lawn free from any leaves, twigs, etc… that may have blown through with the harsher winds. Just because your lawn is not expected to be as lush as the summer months, doesn’t mean to ignore the state of your lawn. Keeping it cleaned up will show that you care.

3. Tasteful Decorations- While you can have fun with the season’s bright lights and characters of Christmas, it can be easy for some to get carried away. Try small white lights around your homes’ bushes or front porch post, a simple wreath and garland to enhance your home’s appearance without being too distracting.

4. Fresh Paint- Your Deep Creek Lake home is more visible in the winter months as trees are free from their leaves and your home’s condition is more exposed. Touching up chipped or faded paint is a great way to help your Deep Creek Lake home look refreshed.

5. Clean Gutters- It’s not too late to make sure your gutters are free from leaves and other debris. You’ll want these cleared so that melting snow or rain can easily run through the gutters and not cause damage.

6. Lighting- The use of lights can really make your home stand out with the shorter winter days. Since there is more time without the suns light, using a variety of lighting can give your home a warm glow. Indoor window lights in each room provides a nice appeal, while lights along the pathway up to your home, a bright porch light and tasteful Christmas lights are all ways in which to enhance your Deep Creek Lake homes’ curb appeal.

7. Cold Weather Plants- Hearty plants and Evergreen trees can withstand the winter months while adding visual appeal to the outside of your home. Evergreen Holly will add a splash of color with its red berries and can stand up to the cold weather.

These are also great tips if you’re trying to sell your Deep Creek Lake home this holiday season!  The first impression of your home’s curb appeal can make all the difference! Even if you just act on a few of these tips; you’ll be glad you went the extra mile to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for your guests or potential buyers!  

As always, please feel free to let us know how we can help you with your Deep Creek Real Estate needs! 

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

3 Great Reasons to Consider Buying a Deep Creek Lake Home This Holiday Season!

This is a bustling time of year with holiday shopping, parties and gathering together with family and friends. So, with your festive schedule, buying a home during the holiday season may be the last thing on your list.  But, if you’re considering buying a Deep Creek Lake home whether as a permanent residence or vacation home, now could be the ideal time to do so!

As Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, we are seeing some great homes currently on the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market!  In fact, you may be visiting our blog to get an idea of what buying a home would be like this time of year.  Below are just a few key reasons you might want to jump at the chance of buying a Deep Creek Lake home this holiday season. 

1. Lower Prices- With the lack of people searching during the holidays for a home on Deep Creek Lake; prices soften a bit. You can view our website to see a list of the homes currently available on Deep Creek Lake!  You’ll notice these homes are priced to sell and are a great deal for buyers.

2. Less Competition- Many buyers don’t think to take advantage of house hunting during the holidays, so you’re sure to avoid any bidding wars that would occur at a peak point on the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market. This will mean a less stressful home buying experience for you!

3. Motivated Sellers- Sellers dread not being able to sell their homes due to the holiday season. They’re very aware that most are not in the market to buy a home until Spring rolls around, which means, more often than not; they’re motivated. They know showings of their home will greatly decrease, so any activity on their home is good news. Oftentimes they’re willing to come down on the price or be flexible with closing dates, and other extras.

If you are interested in talking more about buying a Deep Creek Lake home this holiday season or are ready to begin your home search; please let us know!  We would be happy to show you the homes that meet your needs, style and budget and to walk you through the home buying process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert