Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips for Buying a High End Home on Deep Creek Lake

Last week we talked through tips for buying a Deep Creek Lake home this fall.  And, while these general tips will be helpful in guiding you through the home buying process, we thought that we would hone in this week on the high end market.  

There are a number of stunning homes on Deep Creek Lake, some of which are tucked away with private entrances and some that can be found right on Deep Creek Lake’s shores.  It’s these homes that serve as premium vacation destinations, and even permanent residences for the most discerning buyer. 

If you are hoping to find your dream home on Deep Creek Lake, here are six things to consider as you embark on your home search.

1. Go beyond the photos- While photos of a home can be helpful for getting an initial first impression of a home; don’t write off a home simply because of the online photos.  High-end homes have many features that need to be seen in person to get a true feel for what the home has to offer.
2. Find a Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert- You’ll want to find a Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent who is very familiar with the area in which you want to buy.  Getting a showing appointment at a high-end home can be tough, unless your real estate agent has the necessary connections.
3. Bank on your relationships- You’ll want to go with the bank with which you currently have a relationship.  They’ll have your portfolio ready and can be a great asset when you decide to move forward with the purchase.
4. Hire smart, reliable advisers- Aside from a trusted Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent, you’ll want to have a financial planner to discuss the purchase.  Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent can guide you, but your financial planner can help you in making those final decisions.
5. Look into the future- If you are considering doing major renovations to the home before moving in, make sure you’ve considered the timeline.  Plan on delays since there’s always something that could go wrong, and make sure you’re okay with the time it may take to get everything done.
6. There’s room to negotiate- The amount of time and money that a seller has put into their high-end property can boost the price tag of a Deep Creek Lake home.  Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent will provide you with a list of comparable homes in the area and help you come up with an offer that is fair.
As always, our team of trusted Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty are here to answer your questions and guide you through the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market!  We would enjoy the opportunity to show you some of the beautiful custom homes that are currently available on Deep Creek Lake.
We look forward to helping you find your dream home on Deep Creek Lake!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

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