Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Create an Outdoor Oasis for Your Deep Creek Lake Home!

One of the things that draw people in to living or vacationing on Garrett County’s Deep Creek Lake is the naturally beautiful setting.  Spending time outdoors is a high priority for those who want to enjoy Deep Creek Lake to the fullest whether its finding a favorite trail to hike, spending the day boating and swimming in the cool waters or simply taking in the views from their deck or patio; all are driven to be outdoors.

Because many want to spend as much time out in the fresh air as possible, having an outdoor living area is essential to the Deep Creek Lake experience. As Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents serving with Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, we see that buyers are driven to find homes with a great outdoor space.  So, whether you’re thinking of selling your Deep Creek Lake home within the next few years, or you want to create your own oasis for your home; below are three simple elements you’ll want to be sure to include!

1. Fire- According to a recent national survey, landscape designer Michael Glassman, noted that the #1 request for an outdoor space is a kitchen. While designing and installing an entire outdoor kitchen can be very costly, there are other ways to get this same feel. Make an outdoor fire-pit, purchase a potbelly stove, or just use your charcoal grill. On cooler evenings on Deep Creek Lake, roast marshmallows or cozy up by candlelight and a hot cup of tea. No matter your budget or size of your outdoor space, you’ll be able to find a way to creatively incorporate fire!

2. Water- The sound of trickling water always seems to have a calming effect. If you’re not ready to invest in a backyard stream or pond; there are other options for creating the serene water effect. A simple tabletop fountain or a pond or stream beside your patio or deck will bring the essence of tranquility and quiet to your outdoor living area. Just be sure to utilize the water you want in your space and keep out the water you don’t!  A rainy day can put a damper on your outdoor activities, but having an awning or gazebo with naturally growing vines can offer the protection you need from a passing shower.

3. Earth- Since this is an outdoor room, be sure to include as many earth tones and natural objects as possible in your design. You want to maintain that outdoor feel instead of simply mimicking an interior space. Use things like rocks, branches,wooden objects or natural furniture to add interest. Of course the changing seasons will be the backdrop of your outdoor room, so be sure to play off the colors and vibrancy of the Deep Creek Lake season.

Incorporating these elements into your outdoor living space will help create just the atmosphere you’re looking for as you soak in the scenic views of Deep Creek Lake.  You’ll find it to be a great investment that is just as practical as it is enjoyable!

If you’re not yet living or vacationing on Deep Creek Lake and are interested in learning more about the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market; please contact us!  We’re here to help you discover all that Deep Creek Lake has to offer!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

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