Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quickly Sell Your Deep Creek Lake Home!

Each year hundreds of vacationers and home buyers prove that Deep Creek Lake is a desirable place to live or to spend a relaxing getaway.  And, while we here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty are somewhat partial to this beautiful area, we enjoy helping others find a home and a community here.  No matter what time of year you find your way to its’ shores; there are always activities and a breathtaking setting that encourage you to soak in every minute on Deep Creek Lake.
However, there are those times when extenuating circumstances cause you to need to sell your Deep Creek Lake home, and when those times come; our team of experienced Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents are here to help!  Selling a home can seem overwhelming, but the process can be smooth and efficient if you’re willing to put in a little work and trust the rest to us.  Here are five simple tips that will help your Deep Creek Lake home sell quickly.
1. Fix it Up- You’ll want to know what needs to be fixed before buyers begin looking at your home.  Having a “pre-inspection” by a home inspector will allow you to fix any necessary repairs so that they don’t come up in the buyers home inspection.  This can help speed up the process once you find an interested buyer. 
2. Research- While your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent will provide you with comparables of what other homes on Deep Creek Lake are selling for, taking the time to do a little research on your own will help you prepare for what you can expect.  Take note of home prices in your area and what upgrades those homes have to offer.
3. Act Like a Buyer- If you were looking at your home as a buyer, what would you see?  Are there any updates you’d want to make such as paint, appliances or finishes?  Acting like a buyer for your own home will give you insight into what you can do to make your Deep Creek Lake home more attractive to buyers.  
4. Make it Move In Ready- Today’s buyers have the option to be picky and many want a home that’s move in ready.  Your home will need to have those key factors that are now considered standard in a home such as granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.  
5. Price it Right- This is a key factor that cannot be stressed enough.  Pricing a home correctly from the beginning will help you sell your home more quickly.  Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent will work with you to show you what other homes are selling for and to determine a fair market value for your home. If your home is priced too high, it  will sit on the market and you’ll eventually have to lower your price.  If you decide on a price that is the lowest you’d like to go, be prepared to offer buyers other incentives such as closing costs or a flexible closing date.  
We hope these tips will give you greater insight into what it takes to get your Deep Creek Lake home sold!  Our goal is to provide you with the guidance needed to have a positive home buying or selling experience.  
We are here to help whenever you need us, so don’t hesitate to call!  If you are considering selling your Deep Creek Lake home soon; contact us today to get started!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interested in Buying a Deep Creek Lake Home This Spring? Discover a Few More Reasons to Jump In!

Chances are you’re visiting our blog because you’re seriously considering buying a home this spring on Deep Creek Lake.  We’re glad you’ve stopped by!  As Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, we always look forward to helping people find a vacation home or permanent residence that captures the essence of Deep Creek Lake and that they can enjoy for years to come!
You may be curious if now is a good time to buy a home on Deep Creek Lake, which is a great question and one we hear often.  As we deal on a daily basis with the ins and outs of the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market; we can assure you that now is really an excellent time to buy!  
There are a few main reasons buyers are finding these favorable conditions irresistible, such as low home prices and historically low mortgage rates.  But there are a few more reasons, as recently pointed out by Quicken Loans, that will make it hard to resist beginning the search for the home of your dreams on Deep Creek Lake!
Appreciation- Buying a Deep Creek Lake home now (at the current rates) can almost ensure your home’s appreciation in the future.  Mortgage rates are near historic lows and home prices are the lowest the nation has seen in 10 years!  If you hold on to the home until after the market improves, this can result in a significant return on investment!
Property Tax Deductions- For income tax purposes, real estate property taxes for a vacation home and first home are fully deductible.  The IRS (Publication 530) provides detailed tax information on and answers questions on what deductions for which home owners are eligible.
Preferential Tax Treatment- If you own your home for over a year and receive more profit than the allowable exclusion after the sale of your home, the profit will be considered a capital asset, which are given preferential tax treatment.
Equity Building- There are many factors that play into the final decision of which mortgage loan works best for you such as credit qualification, loan flexibility and annual percentage rate (APR).  However, there’s a new trend towards equity building among today’s buyers which means paying more on a loan each month in order to decrease the principle balance more quickly.  This trend, called equity building, allows borrowers to:

- Pay off the principle balance faster
- Lock in record low interest rates
- Shorten the length of their home loan
- Own their home faster
- Pay substantially less mortgage interest
Pride- This aspect is still key when it comes to the benefits of owning your own home.  Going through the home buying process, building value into your home and having a place to call your own is still a thriving portion of the American dream.
We understand that buying a home, especially as a vacation or investment property is a large financial decision.  You never want to feel that you’re rushing into a decision or are not ready to take the plunge.  You’ll want to make sure you’re completely comfortable with the financial and personal aspects of buying a new home.  
However, if you are ready to buy a Deep Creek Lake home or you want to explore some of the questions you have about living and purchasing a home on Deep Creek Lake; please contact us!  We are here to help and hope to hear from you soon! 

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Support Local Art This Weekend in Garrett County!

Deep Creek Lake is full of adventure and relaxation whether you’re wanting to experience the great outdoors on vacation or are enjoying the serenity of living year round in this beautiful Maryland location.  There’s always something to do or take part in no matter your preferences or mood!
Of course this coming weekend is no different, so as Deep Creek Lake Coldwell Banker Real Estate agents serving the Deep Creek Lake community, we wanted to highlight a fun way for you to get involved in the Deep Creek Lake lifestyle.  Tucked in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains, Deep Creek Lake is also a part of Garrett County and shares in all that this vibrant community has to offer!  
This Friday and Saturday, April 13 & 14, the Garrett County Public Schools are sponsoring the annual Students Art Fair which will be hosted at Garrett College in McHenry and is open for anyone to attend.  With this year’s theme of “Garrett County: Art for All Seasons,” you’re sure to get a look into what Garret County consists of year round.  The event begins Friday evening with the Senior High Art show at 6:30pm in the Bausch and Lomb Gallery, followed by a performance by the Senior High Honor Chorus and Senior High Honor Band.
Festivities will continue on Saturday morning at 10am with everything from instrumental and vocal music.  For those interested in art, you’ll find many ways to interact with art in the gym beginning at 11am.  Teacher-led workshops and other various artistic activities ensure fun for a wide variety of ages!  One of the highlights included in this years Garrett County Students Art Fair is the multimedia presentation: “Life of the Landscape through Science and Art” given by Dr. Andrew Elmore, Environmental Education Coordinator, Appalachian Laboratory, Frostburg State University.
Both Friday and Saturday evenings will end with an intriguing drama performance by the Souther High Theater Department of the musical Sweeney Todd.  This performance starts at 8pm at Southern High and is $5 for admission.  For more information on this weekends’ festivities, please visit the Garrett County Arts Council website
As always, we hope you get the opportunity to enjoy the events this coming weekend!  We seek to provide you with pertinent housing information as well as what you can expect from the Deep Creek Lake lifestyle.  We’re always here to answer any questions you have and would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you! 
Feel free to contact us today to learn more about buying a Deep Creek Lake home!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 Tips for a Successful Deep Creek Lake Home Inspection!

If you’re in the process of buying a Deep Creek Lake home or have considered buying a home this spring; you’re probably well aware that there are many factors that play into the home buying process.  
You take time to get your financing in order and search through the beautiful homes on the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market with your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent, but that’s just the beginning!  Once you find the home of your dreams on Deep Creek Lake, there are a number of steps to take before closing on the home.
One of the most dreaded portions of buying a home is the home inspection.  This one factor can determine whether or not you feel comfortable moving forward with the home purchase as the inspection can reveal hidden flaws.  As the team of Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, we’ve helped many buyers face the infamous home inspection with confidence!  Here are five key factors that will help you make the most of your Deep Creek Lake home inspection.
1. Attend The Home Inspection- Attending the home inspection will give you the opportunity to learn more about the home and where things are located.  You can also be there if the inspector uncovers any issues.
2. Follow The Home Inspector And Ask Questions- Don’t be afraid to follow the home inspector closely and ask questions, especially if you’re a first time home buyer.  You’ll want to know everything there is to know about your new home and if you’re unsure of anything, the inspection is the perfect time to ask. 
3. Be Sure That All Of The Following Points Are Fully Covered- The structure of the home is key to going through with the purchase.  Your licensed home inspector should address the following:
- Heating, plumbing, air-conditioning and all electrical systems: all wires, systems and pipes should be up to date for modern usage.
- All wood throughout the home: wood destroying insects such as termites can cause major damage but can be fixed if dealt with properly.
- Well and/or septic systems: each should be inspected carefully
- Harmful materials: materials should be checked for asbestos 
4. Consider Optional Tests- It’s important to test things such as underground storage tanks, as well as testing for lead paint, lead in the drinking water, bacteria in well supplied drinking water, radon gas in the air and other concerns as needed.
5. Obtain A Full Verbal Report At The Time Of The Home Inspection- While the engineering report should be available the day following the inspection; you’ll still want to ask for a full verbal report at the end of the home inspection.
We hope that knowing what to expect and the part you can play in your Deep Creek Lake home inspection helps as you prepare for the home this portion of the home buying process.  It can be scary thinking you may have to walk away from the Deep Creek home you love, but having a trusted Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent by your side can put your mind at ease.
If you don’t currently have a Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent or are just now considering buying a home on Deep Creek Lake; please let us know!  We would enjoy the opportunity to work with you! 

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert