Tuesday, November 29, 2011

7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Winter Season in Your Deep Creek Lake Home

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family in your Deep Creek Lake home!  This is such a festive time of year with twinkling lights and a variety of holiday events taking place around Deep Creek Lake and throughout Garrett County.  

Now that the holidays are in full swing, you’re probably gearing up for the colder weather and wondering what you can do to cut down on energy costs and usage during the winter months in your Deep Creek Lake home.  
Here at the Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty office, our team of experienced Deep Creek Real Estate agents are always thinking of new ways to better serve our clients and our community.  Since our focus is on the homes around Deep Creek Lake, we thought we’d round up a list of ways that you can generate energy efficiency in your Deep Creek Lake home which, in turn, benefits our great community.  Take a look!
1. Set the Timer- Set your thermostat to lower temperatures while you’re away from your Deep Creek Lake home or while you’re sleeping. This will automatically help reduce energy used as well as costs just by programming your thermostat.
2. Let the Sunshine In- During the day, be sure to leave blinds and curtains open to let in the sunlight and natural heat. At night, shut them to help “trap” the warmth.
3. Light a Fire- It’s amazing how a fire in your fireplace can heat up a room instantly! Consider lowering your thermostat on cooler evenings and lighting a fire instead. You’ll instantly feel cozier in the midst of Maryland’s chilly winters.
4. Bundle Up- Feeling chilled? Instead of turning up the thermostat, throw on a pair of socks or an extra layer. These small choices to not turn up the heat can really add up in energy savings!
5. Switch our Your Lights- From lamps to the Christmas tree, all of your lights can be changed out for energy efficient LED lights! With the sun setting earlier, you’ll be using your indoor lights more often. Also, the festivity of the season’s decorations can spike energy bill. LED Christmas lights can cut back on costs and energy usage.
6. Stop Leaks- Check all doors and windows for drafts. You can easily seal windows and doors to prevent the warm air from your Deep Creek Lake home escaping while making sure the cool air doesn’t leak in!
7. Unplug- Not using an appliance? Unplug it! The Department of Energy notes that, even if appliances are not being used, they are still using energy. 40% of electricity used for your home electronics is used when they’re turned off, but still plugged in. Getting in the habit of unplugging will prove to be a smart habit in the long run!
We hope these ideas inspire you to take an eco-friendly approach to the coming winter season.  As always, we’re here to help in any way we can!  Whether you’re searching for a permanent residence or vacation home on Deep Creek Lake, or need to sell your current Deep Creek Lake home; we’d love to be there with you each step of the way!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't Miss Garrett County's Festival of Trees this Thanksgiving Weekend!

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the holiday festivities are getting underway for Deep Creek and the surrounding areas in Garrett County!  Whether you’re a permanent resident, or have a vacation home on Deep Creek Lake you’ll enjoy the holiday cheer that this time of year brings.  Family, friends and neighbors celebrate by hosting parties, taking in the decorations of homes on Deep Creek Lake and take advantage of the special events offered throughout the community.
One of the highlights of the season is the Festival of Trees which is taking place this weekend, November 25-26 at the Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall in McHenry.  Although this is a new location than years past, the same excitement and fun for all is sure to be a great kick off of the holidays!  
As the Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty team, we enjoy pointing out the special events and happenings that create such an excellent quality of life here on Deep Creek Lake.  If you’ve been to the Festival of Trees in years past, or are just visiting friends and family for Thanksgiving, we hope you’re able to take part in this holiday festival!  Here’s an idea of what you can expect!
Festival of Trees
Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall
Hwy 219 in McHenry

Friday, November 25 from 9am-8pm
Saturday, November 26 from 10am-8pm
- The Festival of Trees is a two day event that allows you to stroll through decorated trees, wreaths, centerpieces and other inspiring holiday decorations while experiencing the sites and sounds of Christmas!  Take pictures with Santa, sing at Kris Kringle’s Karaoke, decorate cookies in Santa’s Bakery, play Reindeer games or navigate through Frosty’s Funland.  Silent auctions take place on both days where you can bid on your favorite tree, holiday decorations and gifts!  Have breakfast with Santa on Friday ($10) or enjoy live entertainment by local gymnastics and dance companies on Saturday.  This fun filled weekend is the ideal way to get in the holiday spirit, so don’t miss out!  View more information regarding tickets and daily schedules at the Festival of Trees website.
We hope you are able to gather your family, friends and Deep Creek Lake neighbors and take part in this great event!  The Festival of Trees also is a great opportunity to give back to the community as all proceeds go to benefit the Garrett County Dove Center.  This non-profit is an agency that helps victims of domestic and sexual victimization to develop self worth and be able to take control of their lives.  Since it’s the 20th anniversary of the Dove Center; if you purchase a ticket for Friday, you can attend on Saturday for free!  
The holidays on Deep Creek Lake are a special time of year and we hope you enjoy all that this festive season has to offer!  Feel free to contact our team here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty with any questions about the Deep Creek Real Estate market.  We look forward to hearing from you!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sell Your Deep Creek Lake Home This Holiday Season with These 7 Tips!

Last week, we talked about buying a Deep Creek Lake home during the holiday season and we hope those tips were helpful for those of you hoping to buy!  But what if your home is currently on the market or you’re considering putting it on the market soon.   You may feel discouraged since the market tends to take a back seat to the festivities of the season; but don’t let that get you down!  Selling your Deep Creek Lake home during the holidays may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible!
In fact, selling your home during the holidays means you can play up your home’s best features and allow buyers to envision spending the holidays in your Deep Creek Lake home.  Here are seven tips for helping your home sell this holiday season!
1. Add Holiday Adornments- Again, you don’t want to go overboard, but a simple evergreen wreath, a poinsettia center piece or hot cider simmering on the stove can create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Of course it’s best to avoid overly religious flourishes as this can be off-putting to some.
2. Complement Your Décor- You’ll want to make sure that your Christmas decoration palette matches or complements your current décor. If the colors clash or seem to be fighting for attention, this can be very distracting to buyers and can take away from the great features of your home you’re trying to highlight.
3. Highlight the Highlights- Draw attention to a beautiful fireplace mantle with a few tasteful ornaments or enhance an arched doorway with hanging mistletoe.
4. Go Light on the Lights- An abundance of outdoor lights can leave Deep Creek Lake buyers wondering what the front of your home looks like. And, while you may love your giant inflatable lawn ornaments; it may be best to leave those in storage this year. Everyone has different tastes and you don’t want buyers to be met at your home with a sense of “tacky.”
5. Mind the Tree- While a tall Christmas tree can showcase a two story living room, be sure to be careful of the tree’s width. The last thing you want is to have your  Deep Creek Lake home appear smaller than it really is. Also, you’ll want to stick with a cohesive theme for your ornaments. The family homemade ornaments can be meaningful to you, but can quickly make your tree look gaudy to outsiders. Keep it simple this year and remember, there’s always next year when you can display those keepsakes in your new home!
6. Give Warmth- Just before a showing, be sure to turn up your thermostat a few degrees to make it extra toasty inside. Prospective buyers will be thankful for the change from Deep Creek’s cold winters. Put a fire in the fireplace to add an extra sense of warmth and highlight the cozy atmosphere that this feature of your home can bring.
7. Offer Tasty Treats- While you don’t want to come across as trying to bribe buyers, everyone loves holiday treats and having a plate full of cookies and candy can make the home showing a little sweeter. Hot chocolate and apple cider are always welcome and buyers will feel that you have their best interest in mind.
We hope these tips give you some encouragement about selling your Deep Creek Lake home before the end of the year and that they spark even more ideas for creating a welcoming environment for buyers.
As always, we’re here to help you navigate through the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market!  Our experienced Deep Creek Lake real estate agents and Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty team are here to help make your home selling process as smooth and efficient as possible.  

Please feel free to contact us today to get started!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 Reasons to Buy a Deep Creek Lake Home This Holiday Season!

Buying a home on Deep Creek Lake may be the last thing on your mind with the holidays quickly approaching.  However, buying a home within the next few months could play in your favor!  There are a number of beautiful homes currently on the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market and, as expected, many buyers have planned to put off their house hunting until after the first of the year. 
As Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents here at Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, we see the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market ebb and flow with the seasons. Armed with years of experience, we thought we’d highlight five of the reasons why you should consider buying a home during the holiday season!  Take a look!
1. Lower Prices- With the lack of people searching during the holidays for a home on Deep Creek Lake; prices soften a bit. You can view our website, DeepCreekRealty.com, to see a list of my current homes for sale on Deep Creek Lake! You’ll notice these homes are priced to sell and are a great deal for buyers.
2. Less Competition- Many buyers don’t think to take advantage of house hunting during the holidays, so you’re sure to avoid any bidding wars that would occur at a peak point on the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market. This will mean a less stressful home buying experience for you!
3. Motivated Sellers- Sellers dread not being able to sell their homes before the holidays get under way. They’re very aware that most are not in the market to buy a home until Spring rolls around, which means; they’re motivated. They know showings of their home will greatly decrease, so any activity on their home is good news. Oftentimes they’re willing to come down on the price or be flexible with closing dates, and other extras.
4. Favorable Mortgage Terms- Mortgage lenders may be willing to lower interest rates or let go of some of their fees in order to gain your business. With fewer people shopping for homes; they will be experiencing a slower time in their business as well. Be sure to shop around to get the best possible deal.  Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent will help point you in the right direction.
5. Tax Deduction- Closing before the end of the year can mean you are eligible to deduct the interest component of your first monthly mortgage payment from your taxable income for this year. You may also be able to deduct any money you pay for points to reduce your interest rate. Of course you’ll want to consult with a Deep Creek Lake tax advisor to talk over the full details.
As you can see, these are pretty substantial reasons as to why buying a home during the holiday season makes sense.  Of course, we’re here to help and can guide through an efficient and stress free home buying experience!  
Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about the homes that are currently available on Deep Creek Lake or to meet with one of our qualified Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents!  We would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and help you get settled in your Deep Creek Lake home before the new year!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Miss Out on Another Great Event this Weekend in Garrett County!

It seems as though there’s always something to do around Deep Creek Lake, which is why many choose to vacation or settle in permanently to this beautiful Maryland setting.  This past summer was filled with festivals, events and plenty of opportunities to discover local artists, musicians and restaurants, and we hope you had a great time!
One of the highlights of the summer was the big bear hunt, and if you were one of the brave souls who dared to venture into the wild to find the hiding black bears, you won’t want to miss the upcoming event this weekend!  
Of course these hidden black bears were very tame and fairly colorful as part of the Western Garrett County State Park’s “Discover the Bears” project which called upon twenty local artists to paint a carved black bear.  With the bears hidden throughout Garrett County, everyone was invited to do their best to find all twenty!
Whether you found these colorful, carved bears or not, you’re invited to join in the fun at this weekend’s Bearly A Gala Dinner & Auction at Wisp Resort!  The event takes place on Saturday, November 5 beginning at 5:30pm.  Enjoy the opening reception time where you can view all twenty painted bears!  The dinner will begin at 6pm with a Silent Auction taking place at 7pm.  Local musicians John Mackin and Bob Yonke will provide entertainment throughout the evening and everyone is invited to attend!
The entire Discover the Bears project has not only supported the education projects, but has allowed people to discover new areas of Garrett County.  Local artists have also enjoyed the opportunity to get involved and give back to their community through their art.  This event will celebrate everyone who was involved in the project and is a great way to gather with friends, families and meet new neighbors.  For more information on the Bearly a Gala Dinner & Auction, please visit the Discovery Center website.
We hope you’re able to take part in this fun event!  As the Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty team, we always enjoy providing great real estate information as well as ways to get involved in the community!  We believe that the lifestyle of the place you live or vacation is just as important as the home in which you live, and we want to provide a well rounded approach to what we do as Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agents!
As always, if you have questions regarding living or vacationing on Deep Creek Lake or are ready to begin your Deep Creek Lake home search, please give us a call!  We would love to help you find the home of your dreams on Deep Creek Lake and welcome you to the community!

Patrick Kane
Sales Manager/Co-Owner
Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty
Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Expert