Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sell Your Deep Creek Lake Home through Curb Appeal with These 4 Tips!

Last week I talked about preparing your Deep Creek Lake home for the cooler fall weather, and I hope those tips were helpful as you enjoy this beautiful season.  But, what does it look like to get your home ready to sell?  First impressions can go a long way, so focusing on your home’s curb appeal is a great start!
While there’s a great market for those interested in buying a permanent residence or vacation home on Deep Creek Lake, you want to be sure that your home is in great condition and that you attract buyers from the moment they see your home.  Of course if you’re putting your home on the Deep Creek Lake Real Estate market this fall, you’ll want to go ahead and walk through the home fall checklist to be sure it’s move in ready for the buyer.  But what are some of the additional things you can do to make your Deep Creek Lake home stand out from amongst the competition?  Here are four simple tips!
1. Come up with a concept for your landscape- You want your Deep Creek Lake home’s landscape to be deliberate and well cared for.  Whether you have a green thumb and an eye for detail, or you would like a professional’s opinion; the difference of investing in your landscape can be the added touch that pushes your home to the forefront.  The cost can remain low if you simply add a few plants along the walkway or use mulch or stone to give a more finished look.
2. Focus on the front door- Creating a deliberate entrance to your home will give people a welcoming feel.  Make sure the entry to your home is obvious. If your Deep Creek Lake home’s main entrance is at the side of the house, use a walkway or landscaping to direct people where they need to go.  Paint the door a bright color that compliments you home’s finish and placing a welcome mat out front will set the tone of a cheery and comfortable environment. Deep Creek Lake buyers will feel that they are arriving at a special place rather than being welcomed by a unimpressive entry.
3. Deal with the driveway- This is the first thing potential buyers will see as they approach your home on Deep Creek Lake. Whether your driveway is dirt or pavement, you don’t want the focus to be on this area.  You always want to draw the attention to the home.  To do this, make sure the driveway is free of clutter or anything that does not need to be there.  Lining the driveway with shrubs or creating a walkway leading up to the house will allow the buyer to focus on what matters and not be distracted by the driveway itself.

4. Pay attention to details
- Buyers may not be able to place their finger on what sets your Deep Creek Lake home apart from the competition; but those little details in the front of your home can make all the difference.  Things like brick steps or ceramic tiles that compliment the homes color will pull the look together.  Edging the lawn and colorful potted plants also add a nice touch that will draw buyers in.  If you own a lakefront property on Deep Creek Lake, make sure your dock is in good repair and add potted plants or a bench for a more personal feel.
If you are considering selling your Deep Creek Lake home this fall and have not yet found a Deep Creek Lake Real Estate agent, let me know!  As part of the Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Lake Realty team, I can assure you our experienced real estate agents will be a huge asset when it comes to getting your Deep Creek Lake home sold.  
We would love the opportunity to talk with you about your home selling timeline and help you walk through each step of the selling process!  Please feel free to contact us today to get started!
We look forward to hearing from you!

Patrick Kane
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